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Music for Autistic Related Disorders 

Music written for stress and anxiety including guitars and whales. Individuals with autism spectrum disorders (ASD) experience high levels of anxiety and difficulty with emotion regulation and self-control. Music has been shown to modulate moods and emotions and may be useful in mediating individuals’ physiological state. ​​
A study was done that investigated whether listening to preferred self-selected music would have a significant physiological effect with regard to skin conductance responses, and also psychologically as measured by a self-report anxiety tool among persons with ASD as compared to a matched control group. Results showed that participants with ASD were more responsive physiologically to their preferred music than those in the comparison group. Hillier, Greher, Poto, Doughtery (2016) The   Psychology of Music.

Research also indicates that persons with ASD are particularly responsive to the influence of music with regard to modulating their physiological state and this could potentially be a useful non-pharmacological tool for self-regulating emotional responses to stressors in their environment. However, It is important to remember that " music" can be therapeutic without being labled as a therapy. (Volkner & Wiesner 2009),  A Practical guide to Autism.

Whales with Guitars is a combination of acoustic guitar melodies intertwined with the songs of Humpback Whales. The music is composed around the whale songs and in a specific key. Various frequencies emmitted from these whales range from 20hz to 20k. Some of these sounds can be soothing to acutually release neurotransmitters in our brains that help with normal sleep cycles.  These sounds help calm the mind down enough for someone to fall asleep. It is interesting to note that babies grow up in water (amniotic fluid) listening to sounds long before they are born...Nature has a way of calming us down.