About Randy
Whales with Guitars  is my newest project that features some whale tones designed to  stimulate neurotransmitters helping with relaxation and sleep.  The CD consists of 9 songs  interwoven together lasting 40+ minutes maximun benefits.

    Whale Song I and  II are instrumental  featuring  melodies and percussive rhythms along with the songs sung by humpback whales. 
                      "A truly Innovative Artist "....Carol Swanson

Convincing Well Executed New Age Acoustic Guitar Instrumentals”
                       Acoustic Guitar Magazine …Bryan Powell​​

The  Work of Dr. Oliver Sacks, A Neurologist/Musican with a wealth of knowledge concerning the benefits of music and the brain.
His contact information is: www.oliversacks.com.  There are  many scientists and Neruopsychologists working around the world who are trying to understand  haw our brain uses and stores  information of various sounds tthat affect our overall well being.  Neuroscience and Neuropsychology  have just touched the surface.  More to Come!!