Whales with Guitars

 Music for Stress and Anxiety

Whales with Guitars        May1st  2018 
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Everyone has a favorite song for Relaxing...What's Yours ?


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Music for Relaxation

 Stress & Anxiety

   Therapeutic CD Project for 2018

Therapeutic music written for anxiety and stress as well as symptoms of ADHD, ADD, and Autistic disorders.The 
 music is a combination of acoustic guitar melodies intertwined with the songs of Humpback Whales. Why?
Various frequencies emmitted from these whales range from 20hz to 20k. Some of these sounds can be soothing and low enough to release neurotransmitters in our brains that help with normal sleep cycles.  The sounds help calm the mind down enough for someone to fall asleep. It is interesting to note that babies grow up in water (amniotic fluid) listening to sounds long before they are born...Nature has a way of calming us down.
Whale Song I & II are available 
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Whale Song I & II are instrumental  featuring  melodies and percussive rhythms along with the songs sung by humpback whales. 
‘                      "A truly Innovative Artist "....Carol Swanson

 Convincing Well Executed New Age Acoustic Guitar Instrumentals”
                       Acoustic Guitar Magazine …Bryan Powell​​